All Cause Of You

I’ve been sinking through the drain of love,
Lift my eyes to skies of up above,
Listen to me this is how I feel,
Since I knew you all my thoughts are real,
You’re the only one I wanna do,
Everything’s new,
And it’s all ‘cause of you.
I’ve been moving cause my heart is true,
Telling everyone I know bout you,
Tell your mama that you won’t be home,
Let your daddy know you’re not alone.
All `Cause Of You · THE 88

Trench: MANGO (sales HERE)


Bag/Bolso: HOGAN (HERE)

Dress/Vestido: SAMSOE & SAMSOE (HERE)

Earrings/Pendientes: MANGO (HERE)

6 Comentarios
  1. Rena says: 8 febrero, 20189:10 am

    Like it how you styled the dress with the boots!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Gemeladas says: 8 febrero, 20189:32 am

    El vestido es precioso, me encanta con el bolso y el trench, queda genial.


  3. Mis perlas de moda says: 8 febrero, 201811:48 am

    Precioso el vestido! Me gusta mucho la combinación completa!
    New post: Casual basics

  4. Cris says: 8 febrero, 201812:10 pm

    Me gustaría saber si el trench talla normal oabundante.Q talla llevas tu?? Gracias

  5. Simply Sory says: 8 febrero, 20181:14 pm

    Tengo una tela muy parecida a la de tu vestido, creo que ya sé como me lo haré. Me chifla el look.

  6. Simplement Lui says: 9 febrero, 201811:42 am

    Very elegant dress in this neutral tone outfit 😉

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