Pool Day

I wish I could admit it,
All I really wanna do is kick it
But my nerves have a limit
And I’m holding back.
Sunny skies now they’re fadin’ black
We had plans but they all cracked
Now I’m sitting home, rainy day laying low
Summer coming to a close
It never goes slow

Swimsuit from & OTHER STORIES (HERE & HERE)

Espadrilles from BATANA (HERE)

6 Comentarios
  1. Rena says: 8 agosto, 20179:04 am

    You look perfect and the bikini is so super cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Trendy two says: 8 agosto, 20179:07 am

    Ideal el bikini!!

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  3. Monkirusa says: 8 agosto, 201711:49 am

    Que colores tan bonitos, me encanta! El bikini precioso.
    Besos desde Marbella

  4. Lorraine says: 8 agosto, 20177:30 pm

    Me encanta el bikini! Tengo uno muy parecido 😉

  5. it-moi blog | From Barcelona | Verónica says: 9 agosto, 201711:19 am

    Un post genial, necesito un día así!

    Besitos y feliz Miércoles,

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  6. Gemeladas says: 13 agosto, 20176:32 pm

    Tanto el bikini como las alpargatas son chulísimos, y el sitio precioso.


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