I’m so sorry for calling you at this time
I’m wa, watching this video that reminded me
Of the movies we used to see
The people we used to be
I’m wo, wondering how are your mum and dad
‘Cause my, mine keep on asking whatever happened to
The girl that I used to see
How happy I used to be
Do you ever think of me?
Every Single Day · Felix Sandman

Photography: Andreas Ortner.

Photo Assistance: Linda Leitner.

Art direction & Styling: Birgit Schlotterbeck.

Hair & Makeup: Sina Stoelzle.

Model: Linda Novotna.

3 Comentarios
  1. Rena says: 19 mayo, 201811:05 am

    Wow, simply adorable!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Gemeladas says: 21 mayo, 201812:09 am

    Qué pasada, la falda roja es espectacular.


  3. Marta says: 21 mayo, 20181:31 am

    Me encanta!!

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